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Graduate Students In ABA Coursework/ Student Analysts

High Quality Supervision:

New Summit strives to provide intensive support to those seeking certification to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We aim to provide you supervision for 20% of your restricted hours (working directly with clients) and unrestricted hours (programming, analyzing data) by qualified and compassionate BCBAs. New Summit provides meaningful opportunities to complete assessments, analyze client progress, graph skill acquisition and behaviors, and participate in the direct training of staff.


Who is this for?

New Summit provides a supervision curriculum for those pursuing BCBA certification or BCaBA certification. In order to be eligible to receive supervision: 1) individuals need to be enrolled in an approved ABA master’s or certification program, 2) able to complete 20-130 experience hours a month, and 3) working at least 10 hours a week at New Summit.

For those seeking supervision and unable to work 10 hours per week, unpaid internships may be available. Please contact New Summit directly at for further information. 


How does this work?

New Summit provides intensive supervision when working directly with clients. Supervision can include check-ins, behavior skills training, modeling of new programs/skills, roleplaying, giving feedback, and setting goals. Along with 1:1 supervision with clients, New Summit holds group supervision meetings for those pursuing certification. Group supervision is led by a BCBA-D and goes over task-list items, gives opportunities to practice writing programs and behavior plans, talks about current events in the field of ABA, and allows individuals to apply ABA skills in a practical way. Student Analysts are encouraged to work together and collaborate on cases. New Summit also provides various opportunities for Student Analysts to accrue unrestricted hours while working including assisting on client monthly summaries, writing program descriptions, analyzing client progress, assisting with assessments, and training other staff.

Ready to be a part of the New Summit team and work towards certification?

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